Runway System

                  The runways are designated according to their compass directions: According to the graduation of a compass a number is assigned to each runway direction. Runway West is designated by the number 18 because it is arranged exactly in the southbound direction, thus towards 180 degrees on a compass.

                  The three parallel runways are marked depending upon the direction in which they are operated, either by the number of 07 for 70 degrees or by the number of 25 for 250 degrees.

                  The parallel runways are differentiated in a way corresponding to the relative position to teach other: “L” (left), “C” (center/) and “R” (right). When using the parallel runway system in a west-east direction, the runways are also differentiated from north to south into 07C and 07R and 07L; with east-west operation differentiation is made from north to south into 25R, 25C and 25L.